What We Do

The BIP Franchise Accelerator’s investment strategy is simple: accelerate your growth. And we know how to do it. We not only provide investment capital, we then roll up our sleeves and use our proven strategies to drive growth. We sit down with your team to define a detailed plan and roles that will help grow your company into a mature, thriving brand. And then we get to work.

The BIP Franchise Accelerator’s flexible strategies allow you to benefit from our:

  • Shared services infrastructure while retaining control of your business
  • Expertise to rapidly expand your existing footprint by 50-100 percent each year through our proven franchise sales strategies
  • Deep knowledge and experience in brand management, marketing, operations, training and more
  • $20 million, internal financing program, BIP Franchise Finance – a fast and easy way for franchisees in our portfolio brands to get the money they need to open new locations